Alternatives to Facebook that Are Not Google+

Facebook cited Google+ as one of a rival threats in a S-1 filing. However, there are other amicable networks that could simply fit a same description—possibly even better—as they continue to mature.

One is Pinterest, that according to Shareaholic’s Referral Traffic Report, is driving some-more mention traffic than Google Plus, LinkedIn and YouTube combined. Pinterest was obliged for 3.6 percent of referrals, adult from 2.5 percent in Dec and .17 percent in July. Facebook, no large surprise, was obliged for 26.4 percent of referrals.

Another site to watch, according to Quantcast figures, is Tumblr, now removing 15 billion page views any month. Currently a site is in a routine of employing writers and editors–high form writers and editors with clever pedigrees–to write about a 42 million user bottom and prominence their, according to a New York Times.

The indicate is to keep users on a site longer. Chris Mohney, a comparison clamp boss for calm during BlackBook Media, will be a site’s editor in chief. Jessica Bennett, a comparison author and editor during Newsweek and The Daily Beast, will be a executive editor.

Other stats from Shareaholic:

  • Pinterest grew from 2.5% of mention trade in Dec to 3.6% of a referrals in January.
  • Referral trade from Google+ forsaken rather in January, nonetheless Google’s product set–Google news, Google images, Gmail–continues to be a tip mention source.
  • StumbleUpon’s owned 5.07% of referrals in Jan position creation it a really plain mention source. Reddit also ranked as a tip source of mention traffic, with both Stumbleupon and Reddit significantly violence out Delicious and Digg.

About Google+

Despite a 90 million clever user base, questions have been flourishing about Google+’s relevancy as a loyal amicable network. The site has been rather inferior in divulgence rendezvous metrics, writes eWeek.

In Google’s new gain call, it remarkable that CEO Larry Page pronounced that “+users are really intent with a products–over 60 percent of them rivet daily, and over 80% weekly.” This figure called for additional construction from Google Senior Vice President Vic Gundotra, eWeek said—namely that 60% of Google+ users pointer in to use other Google products, such as Gmail, YouTube, etc. any day and 80% of + users pointer into Google to entrance those apps during slightest once a week.

Or as All Things Digital put it: “So, if we purebred for Google+ any time given it launched this summer, and we used any other Google product–say, search!–in a past day or week, while sealed into your Google account, we got counted in those percentages.”

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