Another Blow to Texting

Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion will come with a Messages underline that will expected erode some-more of SMS’ marketplace share. Messages incorporates a series of opposite technologies in one feature, Gizmodo writes, positioning it to be an critical communication channel. Its usually drawback–SMS interactions are logged separately. “Every communication yet SMS lands in one place.”

With Messages, it concludes, communication with people who are still regulating facilities phones, “is going to be off on a possess island.”

Smartphone Users Say Web Access More Indispendable Than Texting

Another blow to this elemental channel comes from a new news expelled by Prosper Mobile Insights, that finds that smartphone users pronounced that internet entrance was some-more indispensable than job (19.9%) and texting (18.2%).

After those 3 heading functions, there was a vast dropoff to a subsequent many indispensable functions, email (8.2%), GPS/maps (5.5%), Facebook (3.1%), and apps (general – 2.7%).

1.3% of respondents pronounced that games, Google, and song were their singular many critical smartphone functions. However, texting stays a many common activity among mobile users overall: information from comScore indicates that during a three-month normal finale Dec 2011, 74.3% US mobile subscribers sent texts, compared to 47.5% who used browsers.

Marketers Drop a Ball

Despite a popularity-albeit dwindling-texting is not being scrupulously harnessed by marketers, other total show. A Nov 2011 news from Bronto found that just 14% of marketers now collect SMS opt-in from business in all channels, while usually 7% content to send out selling messages, and 6% content to send out transactional support messages such as confirmations and sequence status. Between one-quarter and one-third of respondents devise to occupy these capabilities in a subsequent 12 months.

Another investigate expelled in Nov by Econsultancy in organisation with Foviance, just 9% of companies contend that SMS/MMS hold points are really integrated into their altogether patron experience.

Super Bowl Text-Message Ad Scores Big

Certainly, though, text-messaging is still deliberate elemental to many marketers—and can beget outrageous response. More than 1.7 million viewers responded to a Super Bowl National Football League ad seeking viewers to send a content summary to find out some-more information about a anticipation football diversion on a website, a New York Times reported.

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