AOL Video Platform Takes A Swing during TV With Original Content, Ad Opps

AOL yesterday effectively relaunched a AOL On height of video offerings and curated video hub. The pierce consolidates several of AOL’s video hubs underneath one umbrella, and offers 7 new web-only shows. 

AOL On offers reward video opposite 14 calm channels including food, business, entertainment, style, tech, travel, health and others, reaching an assembly of 57 million US consumers (comScore data).

AOL done a proclamation during AOL’s 2012 Digital Content NewFront, where some-more than 450 code advertisers, marketers, agencies and digital and TV media buyers came together to see AOL’s new line-up of video programming, accommodate strange programming producers and casts, and knowledge a energy and strech of a AOL brand.

A intelligent pierce for AOL. As Ad Age describes a strategy, a NewFront (and AOL On) are directed during “luring TV buyers� with strange TV-like content, like crime-scene investigations and fashion-oriented recommendation shows—online equivalents of “48 Hours Investigates� and “Say Yes to a Dress.�

“The AOL charity can be a element or viable choice to normal TV-buying strategies,â€� pronounced Ran Harnevo, Senior Vice President, Video, AOL On. “We are well-positioned not usually from a scale perspective, though from a programming viewpoint to constraint TV dollars. It is definite that online video has vital advantages relations to TV, and we have a programming, assembly and dimensions collection to not usually aim audiences though find them where they are on a Web.”

Earlier this month AOL announced a partnership with Nielsen to offer marketers guaranteed assembly smoothness for online video promotion campaigns bought opposite a properties. This is a initial time that online sum rating points (GRPs), formed on assembly demographics, rather than clicks or impressions – are being used as a basement for advertiser guarantees on a Web.
The calm is mostly brief form, in eatable chunks of 7 mins with 30-second preroll ad opportunities. (Geico bought a approach into a collection of “Mad Men� recaps, BASF on a collection of “Devastating [Celebrity] Losses�).

The AOL On Network “brings AOL’s whole video charity underneath one powerful to delivers reward calm during poignant scale and within preferred assembly segments,â€� says a company. Recognizing a augmenting trend toward multi-screen consumption, all of a videos from AOL can be seen opposite 4 screens—desktop, tablet, mobile inclination and connected TV devices.

At a core of a consumer knowledge is a AOL On video heart (, a end for consumers to find curated news, lifestyle and entertainment. AOL On will aspect a many applicable videos in real-time from a library of some-more than 320,000 short-form videos combined by some-more than 1,000 premier publishers and AOL. High form celebrities like Nina Garcia, Rachel Roy, Heidi Klum, Adrian Grenier, Erin Fetherston, Marc Forgione, Sam Talbot and Christine Vachon have already sealed on to curate AOL On playlists and share their passions and singular perspectives with audiences.

The association claims that The AOL On Network is one of a tip 10 video platforms on a Web, and array one in categories including Fashion, Tech, Auto, Travel, Food and Home. The Network attracts 861 million video streams per month, with users spending a sum of 2.4 billion mins immoderate video (comScore information for Mar 2012, sum U.S. video viewers).

Original programming array announced:

  • “Digital Justiceâ€� on AOL On Techand HuffPost Crime, is a weekly existence uncover that follows digital debate investigators as they solve cyber crimes. The array low dives into fascinating crime impediment units that are regulating a latest digital technology.
  • “Fetching,â€� created by Sex and a City’s Amy Harris, Fetching is set opposite a backdrop of New York City and stars Liza – a immature lady who quit her pursuit as a counsel and finished her rendezvous in a same week-in hopes of posterior her dreams of opening her possess business, a doggy daycare store called “Fetching.”
  • “Little Women Big Carsâ€� debuts on May 7, and is centered around 4 soccer moms struggling to change their bustling schedules, family lives and sanity.
  • “Next Door Heroâ€� is a new, unscripted array that facilities bland Americans with unusual stories. This new array will “put an action-filled spotlight on America’s bravest bland heroes.â€�
  • “Nina Garciaâ€� is a fashion-centered recommendation uncover featuring a conform executive of Marie Claire magazine.
  • “Tiger Beat Entertainmentâ€� aims to be a “deeper, some-more courteous lifestyle and party showâ€� for and by teenagers and immature adults covering a far-reaching accumulation of cocktail enlightenment and lifestyle categories with a genuine indicate of view.
  • “ur + 1â€� is a gaming height that will concede users to collect teams of celebrities to contest for points formed on their coverage on AOL properties. Celebrity-related calm opposite HuffPost Celebrity, HuffPost Entertainment, Moviefone, AOL Musicand HuffPost TVwill be a partial of a gaming experience, enlivening users to read, criticism and share a content.

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