Brand Building: YouTube Wants (Increasingly Deserves) Your Marketing Bucks

“Play Means Business,” enthuses YouTube. On Friday a association announced an updated Advertise on YouTube Brand Channel. “Think of it as a singular end for all of YouTube’s code building resources,” a association describes.

Chief among those resources is a now 100+ digital channels, any profiled in a “Sizzle Reel” (e.g., a “Teen Sizzle Reel,” “Women Sizzle Reel”). All looks entertaining, though “The energy of play isn’t usually about compelling, on-demand entertainment, however. It’s also about precision, generating word-of-mouth, and business impact,” pronounced YouTube in a Brand Channel blog.

Its many new investigate videos on a Brand Channel including highlights from a just-announced Generation V investigate project, that is a multidimensional investigate of Men 18-34 and Women 25-49. “You can watch and listen to consumers plead their changing media habits and how on-demand platforms like YouTube are apropos a elite observation model.”

Bloomberg Business Week describes a value awaiting to marketers this way: Parent association Google (which releases small information on YouTube’s finances) has usually migrated quit ads from page margins and into a videos, with a ad complement called TrueView. Viewers might skip an ad after a few seconds, though YouTube claims users select to watch an ad to execution adult to 45% of a time. And advertisers compensate usually when someone tunes into a ad rather than skip it.

And, a viewers are expected to balance into a (increasingly) veteran content. As a Reuters story described, YouTube during final week’s digital NewFronts promoted a line-up of strange channels to advertisers in New York, claiming that some-more some-more veteran (and semi-professional) calm provides a some-more effective height for advertisers. Pivotal Research Group researcher Brian Wieser told Reuters that “An advertiser is doubtful to wish to be compared with a self-evident cat on a skateboard,” hence, a augmenting array of YouTube-only shows and digital channels. YouTube distributed roughly $100 million to 100 calm producers in 2011, aiming for that some-more veteran outlet.

Among those channels is DanceOn (with Madonna behaving as an advisor) that will launch 10 strange array in 2012. Its initial uncover was a dance foe featuring YouTube celebrities like “Obama Girl,” and has captivated 26 million monthly video views.

And while TV strives for “TV Anywhere,” YouTube is there already. Nielsen reported final week that mobile video observation is with improving screens, Internet connectivity and a advantage of being “the best shade available” while on a go. Some 33.5 million mobile phone owners now watch video on their phones (up 35.7% from 2011).

Still, “For Many, Web Video’s Actual Value Trails Its Massive Hype,” Adweek reported in a story progressing today. Most ad expansion in online video comes from cannibalizing a $70 billion spent on TV in a U.S. “But simply producing high-quality video doesn’t automatically attract immeasurable sums of TV dollars. Those dollars also wish TV-like scale, and not many players have both,” and a dual that do are YouTube and Hulu. Adweek reports that a online-video ad marketplace was about $1.8 billion final year, with half of that going to Hulu (about $300 million) and YouTube (about $600 million).

The upshot is that YouTube is going out of a approach to emanate a veteran opening for marketers and advertisers, with that $100 million investment in content. For a moment, it and Hulu seem to be a usually professional-grade outlets for those cannibalized TV ad dollars, and for new digital budgets.

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