Gillette Sponsors AOL’s Launch into a Male Consumer Lifestyle Space

AOL has launched a initial site directed during men’s consumer lifestyles, together with BermanBraun. Sponsoring a site, called Mandatory, is Gillette.

The site will underline a operation of calm from video display viewers how to turn a Renaissance Man in 60 seconds or an interactive map of each micro and macro brewery in America.

Men Defy Social Retail Stereotypes

Marketing on this site would seem to be a no-brainer, solely for a fact that justification continues to emerge that group challenge amicable sell stereotypes. According to their stereotype, they spend small time on cost comparison and even reduction time on amicable networks researching these purchases. Not so, according to Performics’ 2011 Social Shopping Study, that found that group are some-more expected than women to control 5 of 6 amicable selling activities.

They some-more frequently investigate product information, review reviews, review products, find product accessibility and get store information around amicable networks, selling and understanding sites. In addition, aside from Facebook, group visit amicable networks (at slightest once a month) almost some-more than women:

YouTube (54 vs. 34 percent)

Twitter (37 vs. 24 percent)

Google+ (36 vs. 24 percent)

Myspace (31 vs. 20 percent)

LinkedIn (20 vs. 16 percent)

Facebook (96 vs. 97 percent)

Performics layered amicable network function with selling patterns to get these formula as good as try to envision how amicable selling total into arriving holiday campaigns. Marketers that don’t aim a suitable masculine demographics on these sites might be doing themselves a disservice, a investigate concluded.

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