Global Brand Social Check-Up: Twitter Sizzles, Google + Just Simmers On "Low"

When Burson-Marsteller launched a initial annual investigate of how companies were bettering to amicable media in 2010, a Fortune Global 100 were “just commencement to use amicable media as a critical communications platform,” found a agency.

At a time, 79% of a Global 100 (like HP, Coca-Cola and McDonalds) had an active participation on during slightest one amicable platform; though many simply used a channels to promote corporate messages, about that users protest ceaselessly.

In 2011, Burson-Marsteller found some “thaw” among those brands, with 67% of companies on Twitter intent with users regulating @mentions, and 57% responding to posts and comments on Facebook.

And in 2012? The Fortune Global 100 is entirely intent and formulating some-more digital content, finds BM. Among other findings:

  • People are articulate about a Fortune Global 1000…a lot. The 100 were mentioned a sum of 10.4 million times online in one month, and opposite platforms (ranging from blogs to forums). Most gibberish is on Twitter, where these companies were mentioned 5.6 million times in one month.
  • Video calm origination is on a rise. Twitter might be a many renouned height among a Fortune Global 100 (82% of companies have accounts), though by distant a largest expansion in corporate amicable media occurred on YouTube. The commission of those Global 100 companies with a branded YouTube channel in a final 12 months jumped from 39% to 79%; and any corporate channel averages 2 million views and 1,669 subscribers.
  • Engagement is second inlet to companies. 79% of corporate accounts on Twitter try to rivet with other users by retweeting and regulating @mentions; 93% of Facebook pages are updated weekly, and 70% of corporate pages respond to comments on their walls and timelines.
  • Multiple accounts on SocNets concede companies to aim audiences by geography, topic, service. Companies now normal some-more accounts on any platform, that allows them to prominence opposite products and services to accommodate opposite stakeholders’ needs and interests.
  • 25% during benefaction have a Pinterest account.

Half Are On Google +, Few Do Anything With It

Google + pages for business were launched in Nov 2011, and by Feb 2012, 48% of Fortune Global 100 companies had one, found Burson Marsteller. But what are they doing with those Google + pages?

Not much, reports Digiday. As of final week, a infancy of tip brands have a participation on Google +, though post really little. Coca-Cola is one of a stronger code presences, with 2,473 “+1s,” contra 46 million Facebook “Likes.” While 1,993 users have Coca-Cola in their circles, 705,336 Facebook users somehow talked about a brand. And any one criticism by Coca-Cola on Google Plus gets a criticism or two, or +1s, since a Facebook post generates some-more than 500 comments.

IBM non-stop a Google + account, but, has presumably done no posts to date, since it posts once daily on Facebook.

The brief of it – no vital code will omit a poignant amicable network; though how poignant it is to them depends on their activity.

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