Google+’s 700M Android Activations Versus Facebook’s 300M Mobile Users

If Google+ stands a decent possibility of rivaling Facebook for amicable network dominance, it will expected be around Android.

But Facebook has a possess mobile creds by that to compete. Google+ now has 62 million users and is on lane to strech 400 million by a finish of 2012, according to Paul Allen, owner of and unaccepted tracker of all things Google+. “700,000 Android inclination are activated daily and this will turn a really poignant source of new users for Google+,” he wrote. “That series will also grow subsequent year.”

Facebook’s 300 Million

However, new sum advise that Facebook is fast substantiating a possess mobile stake, even yet it doesn’t have a approach conduit. Analyst Benedict Evans reports that in a final integrate of days Facebook saw monthly active users of a mobile apps pass 300 million users.

300 million mobile app users, he notes, is some-more than possibly Apple or Android in total, any of that have around 225 million active mobile users. “Facebook doesn’t tell us how many usually use Facebook on mobile, though a series is expected to be high. Facebook gave a series for sum users of 800 million and mobile users of 350 million behind during a finish of September, during that indicate there were around 250 million MAUs of a apps: in other difference 70% of mobile users and 30% of all users used apps to entrance Facebook.”

Facebook Visits Beat Google, Again

Another reason not to count Facebook out too quickly: For a second year running, Facebook was a top-visited website, accounting for 10.3% of all US visits between Jan and Nov 2011, representing an boost of 15% from 2010, according to an research of a year’s tip 1000 hunt terms by Experian Hitwise. Google ranked second, with 7.7% share of visits, adult 7% from 2010.

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