How IntraLinks Used Social Media to Generate Twice as Many Sales-ready Leads as Any Other Channel

Do we consider amicable media is improved for researching prospects than for attaining face-to-face meetings where deals are won and contracts are signed?

If so, consider again, and compensate courtesy to a knowledge of Gari Johnson, Vice President Australia New Zealand, IntraLinks.

If we hear about a merger, merger or IPO in a news, chances are IntraLinks was involved. It provides secure software-as-a-service practical information bedrooms that concede partnership with supportive information between tellurian banks, law firms and thousands of a world’s vital corporations.

In this high-tech world, amicable media has suggested itself to be a lead era goldmine. In usually 4 months, it has helped IntraLinks achieve:

  • Deeper code invasion into a marketplace
  • A 50% tie rate with intensity business on LinkedIn
  • Twice as many sales-ready leads as any other lead era channel

All it indispensable was a right strategy.

Setting direction

In February, Johnson enlisted a assistance of a B2B amicable media lead era agency, to rise a lead era debate on LinkedIn. Three stairs kicked off a process:

  1. The group simplified a IntraLinks value proposition, that focused on practical information bedrooms and their ability to mislay risk in time-critical, vital exchange and capacitate secure partnership between mixed parties.
  1. The group identified “Social Sellers,” a IntraLinks sales specialists who would be obliged for joining with intensity business by LinkedIn, and who would foster a company’s value tender around their personal brands.
  1. Finally, they identified comparison corporate executives, investment bankers and lawyers in Australia who would be many meddlesome in that value proposition. The Social Sellers used LinkedIn’s hunt functions to aim prospects by:

    • Role
    • Company name
    • Industry
    • And other applicable targeting criteria

Once a list of prospects was created, IntraLinks Social Sellers began promulgation any of these prospects an invitation to connect.

“We were means to shred a marketplace in a unequivocally targeted way,” says Johnson. “The peculiarity of prospects we were means to strech was aloft in both offered aptitude and seniority compared to prior approaches, such as proceed mail or telemarketing.”

Using this approach, a IntraLinks Social Sellers were means to bond with mixed people in a same organization, formulating some-more opportunities to rivet and influence.

Changing a paradigm

“Typically, we accommodate someone and usually afterwards bond on LinkedIn. We topsy-turvy a process, so a invitations to bond had to be personalized, applicable and focused on achieving a connection, not a sale,” says Johnson.

Johnson admits about half of a people they contacted did not respond to their invitations.

“But a 50% tie rate is still aloft than anything we had imagined. B2B has always been a numbers game, so achieving that tie rate meant hundreds of profitable connections,” he points out.

Resist a titillate to sell

In a suggestion of good lead nurturing, it became all about a awaiting once he or she was engaged, and not a sales team’s quotas.

This compulsory a change in a sales professionals’ mindsets.

“It’s unequivocally tempting, once we find a prospect, to proceed them and ask for that meeting, though that could be disastrous,” warns Tom Skotidas, owner of a group IntraLinks used.

Instead, he advises companies to:

  • Understand accurately who your prospects are, and what insights and information they need to do their jobs better
  • Identify and package a calm that satisfies these needs
  • Identify a sales specialists within a classification who can discharge this calm and rivet with intensity customers

“In essence, any Social Seller becomes a calm placement channel for Marketing, delivering pivotal insights while also building their personal code as theme matter experts and, by extension, their association brand,” Skotidas explains.

“Over time, prospects start to see a Social Seller as an courtesy expert,” says Skotidas. “They start to feel like this is a chairman they competence wish to accommodate someday and learn from. The routine builds trust; instead of offered to prospects, a sales veteran is adding incremental value on a unchanging basis.”

Building that trust takes time. Skotidas says there is an incubation duration before sales professionals can even consider about holding a attribute to a subsequent level.

“It was a small unpleasant for us to figure out how to realign a sales professionals’ approach,” Johnson admits. “They are salespeople, let’s not fake they’re not, and they are going to try to sell. It’s a matter of educating them – assisting them concentration on a longer-term outcomes and running them by a routine to get there.”

Enlist a offered division

Not surprisingly, Johnson’s arch plea was providing a applicable calm that sales professionals could use to expostulate conversations with their new LinkedIn connections. The group curated calm like whitepapers, articles and courtesy reports.

“If we wish a surefire methodology that brings Sales and Marketing together, this is it,” he laughs. “I’ve been in B2B offered my whole life, and I’ve never seen Sales and Marketing count on any other so much.”

Marketing sourced and finished calm to safeguard it was legally compliant, brand-compliant and channel-compliant. Sales ensured it was applicable to a needs of their specific LinkedIn connections. After all, distributing a wrong calm on amicable media could be annoying during best and catastrophic during worst.
“Sales and Marketing unequivocally began to know a value that any group was bringing to a process,” says Johnson. “Not usually did amicable offered assistance us build trust between us and a prospects, it built trust between Sales and Marketing.”

The group was discerning to indicate out dual sum about calm development:

  • It is not a once-and-done deal

“You can’t go out and demeanour for a whole garland of calm and say, ‘Okay, let’s flog off a project,’” says Johnson. “It’s evolutionary; we have to compensate courtesy to what your network is saying, what they are meddlesome in, and yield calm to residence that. You have to be invested for a prolonged transport and invariably labour what you’re pity to be some-more in balance with their needs and interests.”

Fortunately, reckoning out a many appealing calm is as elementary as watching that posts attract a many comments or likes.

“It’s a good proceed to brand a issues that are critical to segments of your market,” Skotidas notes.

  • It requires unchanging feeding and attention

“You have to yield applicable calm regularly. This is what will give insights to your awaiting and isn’t self-promoting. Companies furnish copiousness of a self-promotional things – that’s advertising, not content,” explains Skotidas. “I’m referring to calm that advantages a courtesy and a prospects as they devour it. That’s a kind of calm many B2B companies don’t furnish mostly – maybe once a month or once a quarter.”

To keep your calm tide flowing, Skotidas advises subscribing to newsletters, RSS feeds, YouTube channels, iTunes and Google Alerts.

“There are dozens of sources of content,” he says, “Use keywords to slight a concentration of what comes by a funnel.”

Interestingly enough, some of IntraLinks’ uninformed LinkedIn connectors eventually incited out to be calm sources. They responded with their possess constrained articles and reports, and contributed to a campaign.

“It truly was a pity of best practices,” says Johnson.

The Payoff: Real-world meetings

Once a smallest duration of time and standing updates had taken place, IntraLinks Social Sellers leveraged a trust they had built over time by removing in hold with their connectors and requesting a meeting.

“We concurred a LinkedIn connection, and voiced a seductiveness in assembly and deliberating a value proposition,” says Johnson. “Our Social Sellers done it transparent who they were, and that they wanted to share information and have a real-life review about best practices.”

Even when a chairman was not a preference maker, he would mostly proceed a Social Sellers to others whom he deliberate a improved fit for a discussion.

“They’d appreciate us and say, ‘I’m not a right guy, here’s a name and phone series of a best chairman we should be articulate to,’” says Johnson. “So a LinkedIn village indeed looked after us and forked us in a right direction. we don’t meant to sound trite, though it was a unequivocally amicable experience.”

The results

In usually over 3 months, a LinkedIn plan has constructed twice a series of face-to-face meetings of any other lead era channel given a timeframes and series of contacts.

“Anyone who has lived and died by sales targets knows that in a finish we have to beget that assembly with stakeholders and pointer that contract,” says Skotidas. “With a right proceed and intent sales teams, amicable media allows we to take that review all a proceed there.”

Johnson admits a outcomes astounded him.

“We were peaceful to exam this since we suspicion there was event there,” says Johnson. “We went in presumption we would see some kind of certain result, though we positively weren’t awaiting to grasp so many meetings and to rise so many profitable hold points that have lead to active sales engagements.”



Skotidas– B2B amicable media lead era group used by IntraLinks

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