HubSpot Launches App Version of Marketing Grader Tool

Marketing Grader app dashboard

All-in-one selling program association HubSpot has launched a dashboard web app formed on a renouned Marketing Grader tool. The thought is to “quickly answers marketer’s blazing questions during a glance,” pronounced a association in a statement. Did expansion of inbound links take a nosedive? Does a foe unexpected have a lot some-more indexed pages? Has a final 3 months of selling bid softened effectiveness? Are competitors accruing some-more Facebook fans faster?

The Marketing Grader App is designed to immediately brand and compares competitors’ selling opening relations to your own. The dashboard gives specific analytics including changes in indexed pages, joining domains, Facebook fans, Twitter supporters and altogether grade. It also notifies users of critical changes in these metrics – both their possess and their competition’s.

“We beheld people entrance behind and re-running their scores monthly, weekly, even daily. They clearly wanted to see opening over time and contra a competition, and they wanted to know that actions were improving their scores,” pronounced Mike Volpe, CMO of HubSpot. “So we built a dashboard for selling effectiveness.”

The Marketing Grader apparatus was launched in Dec and has given graded over 580,000 websites and run 1.2 million reports. Marketing Grader analyzes 40+ measures of selling efficacy and grades a business on a 1-100 scale. It transposed Website Grader, that has graded over 4 million websites in a final 4 years.

The app takes a apparatus a step serve to concede users to make an comment and lane swell over time. Each time a user logs in, they will be means to see a changes to a report, guard these changes, and share them with others in their association or on amicable media. This change allows marketers to pinpoint where they are improving and repair areas that are not as strong.

“Marketing Grader and Website Grader before that has always been a useful apparatus to marketers to see where they can urge in their marketing,” pronounced Dharmesh Shah, CTO and developer behind several of HubSpot’s Graders. “Now they will be means to visually investigate – and painlessly news on – their selling in comparison to competitors, that is a outrageous advantage.”

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