Jelli Offers Terrestrial Radio with Social Media Analytics, Ad Engagement

Social radio provider Jelli is claiming to have “reimagined a radio spot, creation it some-more enchanting and interactive.� Jelli promises a radio/social media mashup for advertisers, and now promises it can quantify those exposures with amicable media analytics.

TechCrunch described Jelli as “a startup that’s a brew between Pandora and Digg (with old-school human radio stations thrown in).� Jelli allows listeners to control what plays on a human radio hire by real-time voting around a web, iPhone and Android devices. Jelli users opinion for a artists and songs they wish to hear and emanate energetic playlists that stations use to qualification their on-air playlists.

Jelli launched in Las Vegas in June, 2011 on dual 24-hour radio stations (KYLI-FM and KXLI- FM). Listeners correlate with a stations over a website or Jelli’s giveaway Apple and Android apps. Since a Las Vegas launch, it has broadened a footprint, signing with stations including like KITS-FM – San Francisco, CA, WKLS-FM – Atlanta, GA, WPST-FM – Philadelphia, PA, WBLI-FM – Long Island, NY, WBOS-FM – Boston, MA, and WYSP-FM.

Jelli’s promotion height includes dual pivotal elements:

• Jelli Response, an promotion section that enables a human radio ad mark served from Jelli’s height to accept a real-time amicable feedback from a assembly that a strain receives on a Jelli broadcast.
• Jelli Insights, an analytics height that provides agencies and radio buyers insights as to how a assembly reacts to any debate by demographic and region.

With Jelli Response(TM) ads, Jelli’s height serves a radio mark on-air, concurrently presenting a ad to users who are interacting around a apps or Jelli website. A Jelli Insights news is summarizes a rendezvous information from a radio ad campaign, including by demographic and region.

Founder and CTO Jateen Parekh claimed in an Apr talk with Business2Community that 94.5 PST out of a Philadelphia is reports a 1200% income boost for a night broadcast, and that Jelli listeners make 300 actions on normal per month (e.g., Likes, Dislikes). Parekh offering no sources for those figures, though LKCM Radio Group President Gerry Schlegel (LKCM owns a dual Vegas stations) told Radio World that “listener response to a format and user interface has been outstanding…the rendezvous metrics are off a charts,� compared to unchanging human radio or other forms of Intenret radio. As for good-old-fashioned radio listenership, “Share has doubled monthly for 3 uninterrupted months,� he pronounced in November, 2011.

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