Lead Capture Optimized: 201% boost in prisoner leads with clearer value proposition

I only arrived during a Pre-Optimization Summit seminar in Denver and held a finish of Dr. Flint McGlaughlin’s Value Proposition Session.

In this Landing Page Optimization Workshop, Dr. McGlaughlin, Managing Director, MECLABS, taught a live assembly here during a Denver Marriott Tech Center about a elementary box investigate drawn from a MarketingExperiments investigate library.

In a box study, Dr. McGlaughlin suggested how one association simplified a value tender of a alighting page for a 201% boost in prisoner leads.

Here are a sum of that box study:

The Background:

The association in a box investigate was a B2B association (anonymized for a protection) offered information and mailing lists to other businesses. The idea of a page was to constraint a lead.

The Control:

Here’s a screenshot of a control.

Click to enlarge

The Treatment:

Here is a screenshot of a competing treatment.

Click to enlarge

The Results:

And here are a results.

The winning diagnosis generated a 201% boost in prisoner leads by clarifying a value proposition of a page.

So, how can you, a B2B marketer, replicate a success of this box study? Throughout his presentation, Dr. McGlaughlin drew out some beliefs we could request to a possess pages.

PRINCIPLE #1: Frame your value tender with patron logic

The initial element Dr. McGlaughlin mentioned is this:

“The value tender contingency be framed with patron proof rather than association logic.”

The primary doubt we contingency answer to establish a value tender of a page is in a initial person: “If we am a ideal customer, since should we squeeze from we rather than any of your competitors?”

By responding this doubt in a initial person, we are means to perspective a summary by a customer’s eyes. This is useful since we many mostly perspective a summary by a possess “marketing” eyes.

PRINCIPLE #2: Determine a required derivative value propositions

“Customer proof final an apparent tie between a company, a several products and a opposite prospects.”

While your association expected has a primary value proposition, your alighting page might not be a best place for it. A alighting page might have a possess value proposition, while a PPC (pay-per-click) ad might have another one. All of these, however, are subsequent from a primary value proposition.

Dr. McGlaughlin grouped these derivative value propositions into 4 categorical categories:

  • Primary Level: a altogether value tender of a company
  • Product Level: a value tender of an particular product
  • Prospect Level: a value tender for an particular awaiting type
  • Process Level: a value tender for a specific step in a process

PRINCIPLE #3: Map a micro-yes pathway for any product- and prospect-level value proposition

“For any product value prop, and for any awaiting value prop, there is a micro-yes pathway adult a side of a inverted funnel.”

When we are final a product- or prospect-level value proposition, we contingency know that your patron contingency make a array of micro-yeses before we can get to a ultimate yes, that is a acclimatisation we are after. These yeses start on a side of an imaginary inverted funnel.

To effectively promulgate a value tender on a lead constraint pages, we contingency be means to map any micro-yes on a inverted funnel.

PRINCIPLE #4: Use a process-level value tender to grasp any micro-yes

”For any micro-yes pathway there are a array of process-level value props.”

The final element Dr. McGlaughlin mentioned ties all together. To grasp a required array of micro-yeses, we contingency use process-level value propositions during any step.

In other words, any step in a routine contingency answer this vicious question:

“If we am a ideal customer, since should we take this subsequent step rather than finish a process?”

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