Lead Generation: Phone calls spin first-time webinar into million-dollar leads

What’s a marketer to do when caring dismisses selling and insists that a higher product will sell itself?

Follow a lead of Jeremy Scully and take a high-stakes gamble: Put your repute on a line to infer marketing’s value.

Scully, a Business Development Manager for Planisware, a heading provider of plan and portfolio government solutions, told his tip coronet that a best approach to use leftover credit with a heading researcher was to underline her in a webinar.

Leadership was reticent. The foe had been hosting webinars for years with hundreds of attendees. If Planisware didn’t attract a vast adequate audience, afterwards a company’s leaders could demeanour bad and that could harm their positions as suspicion leaders.

So Scully struck a deal: He betrothed to attract 200 registrants from a heart of a company’s aim market. They had to be:

  • CTOs, VPs or directors in portfolio government or investigate and development
  • In industries like automotive, chemical production or medical devices
  • From a list of 450 organizations with some-more than $500 million in income and $100 million in RD budgets

The risk? Scully had never promoted or designed a webinar before.

Get prospects on a phone

To constraint attendees from this slight list, Scully used what he knew best: cold calling. Planisware designed an hour-long event, “Best Practices for Portfolio Management,” and Scully’s organisation spent 6 weeks phoning intensity attendees.

If callers didn’t immediately strech a prospect, they left a voicemail and followed that adult with an email. If they did not hear from a awaiting after a week, they called again and sent another email.

Once a awaiting was reached, Scully’s organisation members took a following actions:

  • Asked about a prospect’s stream plan portfolio government solution.
  • Asked about stream plan portfolio government hurdles and, when appropriate, sent a follow-up email with information that could assistance solve those issues.
  • Clarified strike information. (They not usually achieved webinar registrants, though they spotless a company’s lists, too.)
  • Went to a webinar height page and purebred prospects immediately if they voiced interest. The height now forwarded an appointment that automatically related to a prospect’s Outlook calendar.

This bid constructed about 87% of a 300-plus registrations for a webinar. More than 60% were directors or VPs of RD. The rest responded to announcements on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, and were partners, existent business or consultants.

Phone calls and programmed emails

The webinar height automatically sent email reminders to a registrants dual weeks and immediately before a event. The organisation also done personal phone calls a day before a eventuality to a tip 50 prospects — those who used programs like Microsoft Office as their plan portfolio government software.

As shortly as a webinar was over, a customary email thanking attendees was automatically sent, and Scully commenced his lead-generation efforts. He prioritized follow-up on a basement of a prospects’ benefaction solutions and their seductiveness in Planisware.

The play pays off

There are several deals from this bid relocating by Planisware’s sales cycle – that can be dual years or longer – and these deals could be value millions, Scully says. Closing one of them would pierce a 600% to 1,500% lapse on investment.

These formula were some-more than adequate to change leadership’s viewpoint on a value of marketing. It’s no consternation they authorized 3 some-more webinars for this year.

Here are Scully’s tip tips for a good webinar:

  • Select a orator who will attract attention. Planisware chooses speakers with high name approval in their marketplace.“Attendees think, ‘Oh wow, she unequivocally knows what she articulate about, we won’t wish to skip that,’” says Scully. “And it enhances a picture as suspicion leaders.”
  • Don’t be fearful to ask for advice. When Scully was ripped between outsourcing teleprospecting or employing someone to do it internally, he incited to a B2B Lead Roundtable organisation on LinkedIn.“Of course, we got some responses from vendors, though many were from people who were fervent to help. It gave me a discernment we indispensable to make a right decision,” he says.
  • Act fast, don’t procrastinate. The impulse he perceived accede to pierce forward, Scully strike a belligerent running. The messaging, alighting page and strike list were grown within dual weeks.

“You don’t know what we don’t know,” he says. “Something will fundamentally cocktail adult that you’re not formulation for. By holding caring of what we can early on, we acquire adequate mental ability and time to residence a unexpected.”

  • Register attendees immediately while they’re still on a phone. “If we wait and send them an email with a link, it could get mislaid in their inbox. The coercion will be left and they’ll forget about it,” says Scully.Another benefit: You immediately collect impending information and benefit opt-in for destiny contact.

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