Microsoft Research: Target Young Men Online, But Know Their (Changing) Habits

Microsoft builds a clever box for advertisers to aim immature fathers and “pre-family men� (bachelors). MS suggested some consecrated investigate at—of all places—the iMedia iMoms Summit. “Why benefaction investigate about group during a moms’ conference?� wrote Microsoft’s Natasha Hritzuk. Because men’s selling and online habits are on a rise, throwing adult with those of women and surpassing them in a few categories.

Microsoft’s Stacy Elliott presented a 3 -part investigate about group that a association consecrated by Ipsos Media CT. The investigate is called “Pre-Family Men and Young Dads: Their Priorities, Media Experience and Purchasing Power,� and sets out to learn a tangible (versus stereotypical) function of immature men, including:

  • “Young Dads,â€� that MS personal as “25 to 40 year-old group who have children underneath a age of sixâ€�
  • “Pre-Family Men,â€� who are 18 to 34-year-olds who are “just dipping their toes into adulthoodâ€�

The investigate reveals that immature fathers spend $400 a month on media–$100 some-more than immature moms. They share recommendation with friends and family about CPG products (54%) and 81% share recommendation about tech products. And they use amicable networking to promulgate with others (73%), over Facebook and voice-over-internet (VoIP) like Skype.

These commentary are is strongly in line with findings by Edelman and The Parenting Group, reported progressing this month by eMarketer.The investigate showed that 42% of new American fathers on socieal networks write family-related standing updates daily, and 56% post family photos a few times a week, while 21% post family-related videos. And interestingly, 70% brand themselves as a primogenitor who grocery shops and creates domicile purchasing decisions.

Their pre-family counterparts spend $350 per month on media–$60 some-more than pre-family women. About 72% give recommendation to their friends and family about tech products, and 50% explain to be shabby by online advertising, and another 44% by online hunt results. Finally, they spend 10+ hours a day multitasking between their PCs, smartphones, tablets and gaming consoles. Four places to strech them (which most final a multichannel, cross-media approach).

As Hritzuk summarizes, “[The] American male is formulation his destiny and his career: he’s saving, he’s removing married and if he doesn’t already have children, he is expected deliberation them. He’s grocery shopping, co-parenting, changing diapers and cooking his share of family meals.�

The brief story is that immature group are a mostly untapped marketplace for CPG and financial services (on tip of a common certain bets of automobiles, gaming and beer).

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