MS adCenter Updates: Tablet Support, Ad Group Import Limits, More Exclusions

A sincerely tasty Jul update to Microsoft adCenter, focusing on softened inscription support; lifting ad-group boundary and restricted-site limits; and a simplified/easier-on-the-eyes billing screen.

Tablet Support for Microsoft Advertising Intelligence

On tip of existent support for smartphones, inscription support is now accessible in MAI for Traffic, Keyword Performance, Search-User Location, Age Group Gender. You can now know how many trade is entrance from inscription inclination for sold keywords. Similarly, we can investigate keyword opening when a hunt is achieved for those keywords on a tablet. (See graphic.)
Limit of Ads per Ad Group Increased to 50

To simplifying importing ads from Google, Microsoft has increased a series of ads per ad organisation from 20 to 50. If we try to import some-more than 50 ads, we will accept an blunder message. Any ads over and above that extent will not be combined to your ad group, so should be placed in a new ad organisation of their own.
As a best practice, adCenter hunt experts suggest gripping no some-more than 10 active ads in an existent ad group.

This boost relates usually to hunt and contextual ads, and does not request to Rich Ads in Search or Mobile ads. The boost will hurl out in a adCenter user interface in Jul and will turn accessible around a Desktop in August.

Domain Site Exclusions Increased

If we have opted into Yahoo! Search and Bing syndicated hunt partner traffic, we can now shorten adult to 2,000 sites (up from 500) during a debate and/or ad organisation levels.
Although this functionality is accessible during both a debate and ad organisation levels, we contingency select one or a other. If we have both, adCenter will default to your ad organisation so a sum is 2,000 (not 4,000). Also, like a ad organisation extent increase, this refurbish will seem in a adCenter user interface in July, though will not request to a Desktop until August.

Updates To Billing Screen

The Billing Screen updates embody 1) a new “Payment Methods� tab, and 2) updates to a Account Summary view. The View how shows banking balance; sum comment balance; comment status; and many new invoice, and allows for inline edit; inline banking redemption; and inline revise of comment sum and association information (thus, no need for another add-on to finish these updates). The billing shade does not impact advertisers managed by Yahoo!

To safeguard a well-spoken transition to this new and softened billing shade view, we can toggle between a aged and new versions until serve notice (see shade shot next for creation a switch).

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