No Matter What, Google Can’t Put Those Questions about Engagement to Rest

Ever given Google+ launched, questions have been asked—pointedly during times—about a rendezvous metrics. Google competence have suspicion queries about how active Google+ users were competence finish with a new recover of a new investigate by Simply Measured, which prisoner increases in engagement on a network.  No such luck.

Marketing Land looks at a new users dual NBA teams with Google+ code pages are adding–about 10,000 new followers/circlers per day–since being total to Google’s central suggested users list. But will those large gains in followers/circlers lead to some-more engagement, communication or sales? Probably not, posits Marketing Land.

“As we demeanour during today’s activity on a Trail Blazers’ Google+ page, a group has published 6 posts. Those have a total 3 comments, 3 shares and 21 +1s. That’s not many rendezvous for a veteran sports team, generally one that’s adding 10,000 new supporters per day.”

Kevin Kelly’s Hordes of Followers

Wired Magazine co-founder Kevin Kelly also examined this emanate here. Surprised by his 566,000+ Google+ followers, (“a throng is distant larger than a series of people subscribing to Wired repository during a years we was modifying it”) Kelly investigated and found that “most of a half million people following me on Google+ are ciphers. They have sealed up, though have not done a singular open post, or posted their possess picture or a profile, or done a comment. They aren’t home.”

Very Key

Engagement has turn a pivotal metric for marketers, hence a continued digging into Google+’s numbers. Social media rendezvous is the many sparkling digital opportunity for tellurian marketers this year, cited by 54% of association respondents to a consult expelled in Feb 2012 by Econsultancy, in partnership with Adobe.Marketers indicated amicable media rendezvous to be among their tip 3 digital-related priorities this year.

Facebook Not Immune

Incidentally, Facebook is not defence to such questions either, nonetheless not to a border that Google+ is.  Fan volume does not seem to interpret to attribute quality, according to Jan 2012 research from Ignite Social Media. Only 2 of a tip 5 brands by fan volume, and reduction than half of a tip 20, seem on a Fathom Research Relationship Quality Index (RQI) as of Jan 10, 2012.

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