The New Yellow Pages: "Local is Where We Play/Shop/Live"’s Localized Landing Page.

The old-fashioned aged Yellow Pages have grown into, and what might be North America’s largest internal search, media and promotion company. YP Holdings LLC (“YP�) combines a resources of ATT Advertising Solutions and ATT Interactive. YP Holdings launched yesterday with a shutting of a 53% determining seductiveness in a association by Cerberus Capital Management, L.P. (“Cerberus�). Industry blogger Greg Sterling of Screenwerk described a transaction as YP being “jettisoned from a mothership� (ATT). Antoine Gara of The Street saw it similarly, and as a pierce by ATT to exit a business that is underneath vigour from such Web-based rivals as Google and Yelp. Perhaps: But it usually divested control, and Cerberus (which is frequency forward with a investments) appears to consider YP has value.

“YP is one of a many cost-effective ways for internal businesses to bond with their customers,� pronounced Steven F. Mayer, Senior Managing Director and co-head of tellurian private equity during Cerberus, explaining a deal. “Their unrivalled operation of promotion and lead era solutions provides a absolute boost to commerce in America.�

As a standalone company, YP had $3.3 billion in revenues in 2011. Approximately 30%, or scarcely $1 billion those revenues subsequent from a digital and mobile platforms, creation YP a ninth-largest digital media association of any form in a U.S., a association claims.

YP internal hunt products such as, YPmobile and a YP Real Yellow Pages capacitate consumers to find, bond and covenant with merchants opposite a U.S. YP’s thousands of sales and use professionals in internal markets conduct long-standing relations with 700,000 internal advertisers around a country.

ATT Advertising Solutions is best famous as a publisher of a iconic Yellow Pages, a largest imitation office publisher in a world. ATT Interactive operates and a top-rated YPmobile app, that together have over 38 million monthly singular visitors. The YP Local Ad Network generates additional value by providing internal business advertisers with an event to daub into some-more than 70 million monthly singular visitors in a extended network of over 300 dependent online and mobile publishers. YP claims to be a number-one ranked normal media association in North America by commission of digital revenues.

YP’s multimedia product portfolio plays a pivotal purpose in internal commerce as it connects buyers and sellers opposite a web, mobile and imitation platforms and reportedly helps expostulate over $150 billion per year in transactions. In 2011, searches on YPmobile apps grew over 200%. Today, YP generates dual calls any second on normal to businesses found around a app. YP’s Real Yellow Pages directories are also used some-more than 5 million times daily by consumers to find out internal businesses.

Experienced Leadership
David Krantz, former CEO and boss of ATT Interactive, has been named CEO of YP Holdings. Krantz will lead YP’s altogether plan and operations. The new care group includes executives from ATT Advertising Solutions, ATT Interactive and Cerberus Operations, as good as executives recruited from outward of ATT. The association will be headquartered in Tucker, Georgia. ATT has a 47% equity seductiveness in YP Holdings.

“Go-to-Partner� for Small Businesses
YP sales professionals offer as media consultants for their business and emanate relations built on trust with a idea of assisting advertisers grow their business. Through customized campaigns designed by consultant advisors, YP is means to yield tiny and middle sized businesses with one of a many cost-effective sources for consumer leads. YP’s newly grown stating collection make it elementary for tiny business owners to monitor, lane and weigh a efficacy of their promotion investment. In further to a approach sales force, YP products are also done accessible to tiny businesses by approved agents and resellers opposite a country.

Advertising and Lead Generation Solutions
YP’s operation of imitation and digital promotion and lead era products is designed to residence a elaborating internal hunt needs of consumers and assistance advertisers grow their businesses. Product elements camber both hunt and arrangement solutions that can be deployed on a subscription or pay-for-performance basis. Complements to YP’s foundational solutions embody hunt engine selling capabilities, video advertising, approach mail initiatives and website development.

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