Weather Channel during 30: A Local Ad Champ

The Weather Channel companies (TWCC) turned 30 yesterday, carrying initial promote on wire on May 2, 1982. Since afterwards it has left online and mobile, and with a vital relaunch (exclusively sponsored by Anheuser-Busch’s Bud Light Lime), 95% of’s 1 billion monthly page views now have a new look.

The online properties are some-more personalized, “to assistance consumers improved foresee and devise their lives� with a easier pattern and interface, some-more localized news content, increasing amicable formation and extended map.

If continue sounds like a tasteless ad opportunity, theory again. At present, a website is one of a 20 most-visited sites in a U.S. by comScore data, with 54 million singular visitors in Mar 2012. Advertiser Perceptions in Jan announced a 2011 Highest Rated Media Brand awards, and Weather Channel’s online participation took a #1 spot for advertiser satisfaction, holding a place among distant sexier properties like People Magazine online; Facebook; ESPN and YouTube. In terms of code strength, Weather Channel claimed 15 million+ singular visitors to a mobile applications per month. By Nielsen data, that done TWCC a #1 calm provider on a mobile web as of February, with over 24% strech of a mobile web audience.

And that localized participation has clever utility—like in personal and political advertising. In March, Cox Digital Solutions reached an disdainful ad sales agreement with TWCC, creation Cox a disdainful seller of domestic promotion opposite This was partial of a incomparable digital plan for Cox Digital, identical to one it struck with Yahoo. Beth Lawrence, EVP of ad sales and media solutions for The Weather Channel, explained a value tender it presented Cox this way: “Local strech is The Weather Channel’s honeyed mark [while] domestic promotion is Cox Digital Solutions’ area of expertise.�

Weather Channel Companies Chairman and CEO David Kenny comes from advertising, that has done TWCC increasingly advertiser-friendly. (Kenny was named CEO in January, and before helmed tellurian ad hulk Digitas.) “Nobody has a internal infrastructure like we do,� Kenny said, “Advertisers are looking for scale and ubiquity,� and of march a rarely intent audience. “Most of a users come behind each day,� and a company’s digital skill captivated 62 million singular monthly users as of Sep 2011 (comScore data).

The brief story: Weather has a value tender that even sports and politics do not deliver, in that most everybody is interested. That gives TWCC a leg-up in localized ads, though it has taken savvy care and higher patron use to deliver.

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