BPM Platform is solution to all your problems!

BPM Platform is solution to all your problems!

To remain competitive you need be efficient. Let’s take a look on how modern technologies like BPM Platform can increase your productivity and save your time.

Technology has made our life much easier. Let’s take a look at the latest technologies in the domain of Sales and Marketing and see how can we use it in order to optimize your business. In the first place, let’s define the aspects of our work that require improvement.

I would say that the main problem of sales reps face is a huge amount of paperwork that needs to be done. Any salesperson experience time shortage due to overload of paperwork. Each sale deal is accompanied by a vast number of documents. Instead of talking to customers and closing deals a sales rep has to waste his time preparing contracts.

To be a good salesperson you need to know your client’s preferences. Clients are likely to choose companies where they are treated in a special way. In our days, everything is highly personalized and people get used to it. To be compatible you need to remember every customer’s choice and preference. Luckily, there is solution.

CRM – stands for Customer Relationship Management. This is a modern business approach, which puts the client at the core of the concept. This is a way to actually manage your relationships with existing and potential customers. This approach has proven its effectiveness over the last decades.

For Sales and Marketing purposes there has been developed special software. CRM systems like bpm’online became extremely popular because they help you optimize your company’s business processes and become more efficient.

BPM Platform

As it was mentioned earlier, there are certain aspects of the workflow that require optimization. However, there is a solution on the market, which can help you solve all your problems. BPM stands for Business Process Management, and BPM Platform is a type of software that is specifically designed to help you manage your business processes. This program stores all your companies’ data, including client information and documentation.

What are the “must-have” features of a BPM platform:

  • Process management tools
  • Powerful visualizing tools
  • Communication tools
  • Documentation preparation tools
  • Flexibility and versatility
  • Simplicity of your BPM Platform (which is often underestimated)
  • Account management tools

Process management tools and visualizing

Your business consists of processes that go one after another. Each of those processes leads your company to an accomplishment. This important feature allows you to manage all your business processes and thanks to the visualizing tools you can easily monitor the flow and set the timelines. Bpm’online has one of the most powerful visualizing tools on the market.

Process management tools

Communication tools

Often large companies suffer from lack of communication. Your company is like a living organism that has to function team wise. Organizational problems appear even when people work on different floors of the same building. Now imagine what happens if you have offices in different countries? If you do not have a powerful communication system, you are doomed to suffer from unsynchronized actions. A good CRM system is to provide you with some kind of internal network. A well-developed system can optimise your logistics and provide you with extremely fast communication.

Document preparation tools

Imagine that you can have all your contracts and other documentation, already prepared and all you need to do is simply customize your templates. This routine process usually takes 80% of working time of a salesperson. Imagine that instead of wasting their time on papers your sales representative will be talking to your clients and making money.

Versatility of your BPM system

This is a very important quality that your business process management platform must have. Every company is special and has its own unique approach to their clients. Of course, it is hard to develop a business process management system that can fit any type of company regardless of the industry. However, bpm’online manages to do this. This CRM system can be wisely integrated within several days.


Many companies choose not to integrate new systems because they are too complicated. This is fair for some BPM software. A poorly developed product will only slow you down because it will take forever to get used to it. Usually, before making the decision a company owner looks at the price tag first and never take in consideration that it is not always about the expenses. Choosing a BPM platform is a very important step for the company because it can either increase productivity or kill it.

A good business process management software has to be easy to learn. It is important to keep in mind that users of the CRM systems will have sales or marketing background and not a technical background. A big benefit of bpm’online is that a person with zero programing skills can customize it. It is a user-friendly and very intuitive program.

Account management

It is very convenient when each client has his own account within the system and when the customer is calling all the data regarding this client just pops out. This is exactly what a good CRM system would do. It would give you all information about your customer when you need it and you will be able to see the history of previous conversations with your customer. This is useful for both small and large companies.

This kind of customer management tool is exactly what bpm’online offers. You have the ability to prioritize your leads and collect the data about your customers. You can also integrate your customers’ social media profiles into the account, which is very important for marketing.

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